Don & Stina's Wedding: 6.5.11

It’s official, we’re getting married!  Our motto is “Get ‘er done!”  🙂

To that end, we’re throwing a little party on 6.5.11 to celebrate this momentous occasion and we’re hoping you can join us to celebrate.

We’ve tried to answer all of your questions, but if you think of anything else, feel free to contact us!

5.6.11: We finally registered and put links up under the “Registry” page.

Stina & Don Hanging Out at Ozette



  Melinda Furrer wrote @

Hi Dona and Stina…..I am soooooooooo there. I can’t wait for the festivities. Do I get a prize since I knew it was Patos? 🙂

Love you guys.

  Monica Sunde wrote @

Dear Stina and Don!
Just received your lovely invitation to join you on June 5 to celebrate your marriage. I feel very honoured and grateful that you thought of me, although as Stina also pointed out, unfortunately I will not be able to be present. But, I promise to be with you in my thoughts – and so will all of the Sunde-clan here – on that very day, and raise a special toast to celebrate your union. All the best for your future from all of us here in Sweden. Lots of love!
Monica and all the rest.

  stinalarson wrote @

We will raise a glass to you at the wedding in honor of our special friends in Sweden. Dad will be there soon after the wedding, so he’ll be able to give you all the details. We hope to get back soon as well. All the best, Stina.

  Sharon wrote @

Hey Don –
Wish I could witness this momentous day, but unfortunately I will be on the other side of the country (literally – in Maine, near Calais, at the New Brunswick border). Tried to arrange it so that I could come out, but there was no easy way to swing it without disrupting already made plans. So……just means that I need to come out and spend a week exploring the area, with you and Stina as my guides. (I am ready to kayak the beautiful water out there!)
Hopefully next year that will happen. I hope your day is filled with fun and happiness.

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